Serac Adventure Films

Serac Adventure Films is an award-winning production company specializing in high-quality expedition films with breathtaking imagery and compelling, dramatic narratives. Since 1992, we've been telling riveting stories and have brought them to theaters, broadcast television, the Internet and other new media platforms.

We work and thrive in the world's most physically-demanding environments, including deep caves, drenched jungles, turbulent whitewater and frozen peaks. Using various formats—from 65mm Imax® film to digital video—we're finding innovative ways to produce in unpredictable places.

Our films recount experiences—from mountaineering and river expeditions to cultural explorations—that are set along the still-enthralling and exotic edges of the globe. These are true stories about real people facing adversity and succeeding in ways most of us can scarcely imagine.

Serac Adventure Films

A full service film and video production company.

Serac Adventure Films
1135 Pearl St #1
Boulder, CO 80302

(303) 440-8101


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