Storm Chasers
Discovery Channel

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Co Executive Producers:
Lisa Bloch and Ronan Nagel

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Storm Chasers

April, May, June 2008:
Each year, a group of scientists, filmmakers, and adventurers hunt down tornadoes to gain invaluable scientific data, which is used to better predict storms and ultimately save lives.

Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers brought the crew of Serac Adventure Films to tornado alley in the American Mid-West. For three months, the Serac crew filmed a group of chasers and their vehicles including the TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle), DOW (Doppler On Wheels), PROBE (new mobile survey vehicle), SCOUT (mobile survey) and TVN ( vehicle).

Serac Adventure Films worked on Storm Chasers with:

Discovery Channel Tornado Videos

Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers
Michael Brown filming as a funnel cloud (soon to form a tornado) moves across Interstate-70 in Kansas.

Storm Chasers
Tornado (from funnel cloud depicted above) touching down south of WaKeeney, Kansas.

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